KEY Ranch Annual Production Sale

December 9, 2023

at the ranch: 28275 Hwy 183, Miller, NE

–  KEY Ranch – Mission Statement  –

“Doing our best every day in the work of our faith, family, friends, cattle and crops.”

It is our desire to leave this legacy, that we did our best. If we make this effort each day, how can we have regrets? GOD is the one in control, sometimes our best doesn’t result in the ways that we’d planned or even like, but if we’ve done our best that’s all we can do. We don’t have to be afraid of failing, what other people will think, or afraid of the future because we’re just doing what we can each day, doing our best. If we can leave that legacy and can make a difference in that way, that’s something worth being remembered for. We want to pave this way for future generations. It’s one of the things that we’re excited about with KEY Ranch is its ability to be carried on by another young person or persons, regardless of whether or not they are family. Because you see, the Ranch doesn’t even carry our last name. We like it this way. The future is bright for KEY Ranch!