The Brand/The Prefix

KEY – Solomon 861F 

The name listed above is the name we’ve given to one of the bull calves in our 2018 calf crop. We make this page a part of our website because it’s a segway to let you know the passion, vision, hopes, dreams, and goals that we have for KEY Ranch. Lord willing, we hope to make a real impact in the industry, starting with relationships. We have a real heart to be there for people. Life can be hard. We want to help, we want our cattle to be a help to you, to be your – KEY to Higher Potential – with your cowherd, but even more importantly, we want to build relationships in this industry that can make a difference in the lives of others. We have both experienced times in our lives where we have really needed someone that we could call and just talk. It is our hope that we could be that person for someone else, someone you could call. We hope to make a difference in this way and that our cattle become known industry wide and they’ll be easy to identify, carrying the KEY prefix in their name and a KEY on their left hip. This is why we custom designed our ranch brand to be the closest resemblance of a KEY that we could make.