Flying V Transformer


Flying V Transformer is an exciting sire with a power packed, proven pedigree. Eye catching phenotype, high quality & dependable lineage. Slam dunk decision for keeping him in our A.I. sire line-up. Tremendous performance and popularity surrounded his progeny in our 2019 Production Sale. His offspring have a sharp look with a lot of style and flair; equal impressiveness and great potential in both the males and females. We really appreciate their appealing frame size and all-around solid trait package.

 TEX Playbook 5437


Tex Playbook 5437 also a KEY Ranch A.I. sire is potentially one of the best Payweight bred sires that we’ve used, all traits considered. We really appreciate the more moderate frame size that his offspring are exhibiting in both the sons and daughters. The Playbook cattle are very showy and sharp, possessing great thickness, depth, length of body and a really smooth correct shape. Femininity appears to run strong in his daughters who have caught the eye of several visitors throughout the summer and fall.

Ox Bow Ozzie 3233


Ox Bow Ozzie 3233 secured his position in our A.I. sire squad with his balance of all traits pertinent to what we stress and believe to be what ensure present and future success. His blend of growth, disciplined frame size, focused carcass quality, predictable maternal traits, and reliable fertility, partner well with our herd principles.

LD Capitalist 316


LD Capitalist 316 really stamps his offspring. He’s looking to be the real deal as a go-to sire for intentionality toward controlling frame size. LD Capitalist 316 has been a useful A.I sire for us as we’ve been able to place him in specific mating situations with a predictable outcome. The Capitalist cattle, both male and female, appear to be earlier maturing; poised for a nice mature size and easy fleshing ability.

Ellingson Roughrider 4202


Ellingson Roughrider 4202 caught our attention with his stellar pedigree and trait portfolio that look to make utilizing him in our cowherd a sound investment. Used as an A.I. sire he was among the top of the list in resulting pregnancies, boding well for fertility. An impressive number of his sons earned a spot in our 2020 bull offering. Growth genetics with intentionality toward practical mature frame size. Depth and thickness with maternal vision.

Jindra Contender


Excitement and anticipation have surrounded the introduction of Jindra Contender to our A.I. sire regiment. Some familiar names within his pedigree while at the same time very much an outcross sire for us. With a calculated approach for use; we placed Contender in specific mating combinations controlling end-result progeny frame size while still taking advantage of all the bred-in growth power Contender has to offer. Impressive Carcass and Scrotal EPD merits.

Styles Cash R400

# 17571309

We put Styles Cash R400 to work as an A.I. sire after not only appreciating his physique but also his verified trait package; toting some notable accuracies and good combinations of desired growth potential, profitable carcass merit, dependable fertility and maternal focus, along with useful ancestral blends within his pedigree.

J&J Weigh Up 294

# 18004546

J&J Weigh Up 294 is another A.I. sire who made the cut within our program. Either meeting or exceeding an intense list of must haves that track the predictability of outcome of progeny. These must haves are like “tools” for success taking into account all stages of the life of future offspring, with the goal being, a profitable and enjoyable experience through every stage for us and our customers. J&J Weigh Up 294 has a long and deep tool-box full of unique capabilities and user satisfaction.

EXAR Resistol 3710B

# 17434366

Having established solid performance verification across many trait measurements thus far in his career, EXAR Resistol 3710B secured his spot as a KEY Ranch A.I sire. In a world where the mind-set is, bigger is better (including mature cow frame size), Resistol is falling behind the times, but if the mind-set is wider, thicker, deeper is better than this is the time for his kind to shine and be sought after! Big Scrotal distinction as well as proven progeny growth capabilities, carcass quality, known maternal value.